6 Efficient Exercises to Enhance Leg Strength, Stamina, and Stability for a Faster Run Pace

Get more done with just a few of these exercises than a traditional 1-hr workout

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  • Struggling to find the time to strength train? Use these six exercises designed to enhance strength effectively and boost your running pace, all while reducing the risk of injuries.

  • For plant-based runners, developing muscular and structural strength is key to feeling more powerful during your runs. It makes maintaining a faster pace over longer distances much more manageable.

  • Discover the secrets to quicker recovery as a plant-based runner. This way, you can seamlessly transition between running and strength workouts.

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"I became fitter and faster. I built muscle, endurance and mental fitness as well. This was through training sessions that were allocated and the guidance and reassurance that Kathryn gave when I needed it"- Kobi  

"Before I started working with Kathryn, I was in doubt/confusion about whether I was doing the right things to make my running sustainable. I kept getting niggles like strained adductors and sore hamstrings and suspected that there was something missing from my strength training/cross training, but I wasn’t sure what. The most helpful thing about working together was being freed from the worry and the doubt. Knowing that I was in the hands of an expert, I could relax, follow the plan and learn what worked for me. "- Anita

"I wanted to get my body back into a position where it could run the half marathon distance and feel strong after struggling with running during the last couple of years. The personalised training plan with strength sessions that fitted in with my life and the focus on building a strong body that can stand up to the demands of running was great.   I completed the half marathon in a time that I am super happy with! I felt confident going into the run given the training behind me. I didn’t get any injuries which is a first for me when training for a run of this distance. In the 12 weeks on the program my endurance has increased significantly. "- Pamela

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How to X Without Y So You Can Z

About Me! Who Am I?

I'm Kathryn Proctor

I work with plant-based runners to improve their strength, speed, endurance and get fitter through effective and sustainable training and nutrition.

I’m a Level 2 Athletics Australia accredited running coach, Level 1 ASCA strength & conditioning Coach and a sports nutrition coach. I have been supported runners for over 5 years now and running myself for close to 20 years. 10 of those as a plant-based athlete. I fell in love with endurance events and have competed in half marathons, marathons, ultramarathons, half Ironman's and Ironman's. My health is something I am super passionate about and making time to run has been an integral part in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

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